ONLY HAPPY STUFF! something good happened to you.Or you did for someone else ONLY!

I cant find a Happy thread if there is one point me to it please.

I have found Hate.Whinge.nerves. ect :wink: :bigsmile:

Dont we do good deeds .
Is there no good stuff happening in peoples lives.

like the pure joy on the face of the steetchild when I bought him an Ice Cream from a vendor

My Son at University Just sent me an SMS he got another Bursary for this year R10,ooo rands.He is studying BMUS Honours. His study loan is R100,000 and its nealy paid up from all the competitions and Bursarys from the last 4 years.
Next year does Hounours in Drama.Last Year only saw him a few times was doing a Triple Major.:clap:
As a parent its nice to say you proud of what your children have made of there lives so far :slight_smile:

i’m going to a wedding today…that’s happy right? it’s for a girl i went to high school with. we’re still young (only 22), but she’s been dating this guy since we were 16. this is like the first “adult” thing i’ve had to do.

also congratulations to your son. i double majored…i can only imagine what he’s going through with a triple major. sounds like a very smart and motivated kid!

A friend of mine gave me a dead hp Printer and 3 sets of unused inkjet carts that I can use in my printer. :flower:
I made copies of the TV shows me loves but can’t receive on his system. :wink:

I’m going to be backing up gigs and gigs of stuff that my mum and her DJ boyfriend use at their gigs on Monday. Won’t find out how much work there is to do til I get there, but I suspect it’ll be a most-of-the-day job (and involve many, many TY CDRs :eek: ).

That’ll be my good deed for the day. :slight_smile:

Gigs and gigs of gigs?!? :eek: giggles :stuck_out_tongue:

Smartarse :p…I knew someone would make something of that :wink:

Oh, and something nice that happened to me…well, the other day I heard some little girls singing outside - reminded me of my schooldays. What made it so sweet was that in the area that I live in, you’re more likely to hear kids shouting and swearing than singing playground songs. :wink:

Well I shot my best round of golf for this year earlier this week. Had a 77 and was a very happy camper.

Also rebuilt the gate on my sister’s fence, and cleared all the debris out of her backyard (3 truckloads!!), so I’m in good graces with her at the moment.

Other than that, I’ve been my usual curmudgeonly self. :slight_smile:

I won 28 Euros on the Lotto yesterday :slight_smile:

And I got RecordNow DX working in XP x64 :stuck_out_tongue:

You have to start small…

I trade My BenQ 1655 Retail ( new ) to Plextor PX-760A retail ( new )
my best friend is very happy finally he got BenQ Drive :bigsmile:
I did for someone happy today :iagree:

The family across the street from me has been on vacation all week and returned this evening …I grilled some steaks and invited them over …

I’m just happy today…does that count :smiley: :clap:

i’m pretty sure you are the nicest person ever.

not really…i just think that every time you do something good for someone else…it comes back to you 10 fold…i’m just blessed to have a ton of good friends

:iagree: :flower: , I like helping people.

@Rollings checked out your build that should have made you very happy.:bigsmile:

been following it infabchat :wink:

I am Happy My 22y old son remembered my Birthday saw him 6 monthes ago and only for a Few hours
Spoke to him for an hour on the phone , He told me his 4year Student Loan is paid up.:bow: :bow:

Next year he dosent have to do houners in Drama ,can go straight to do his Masters :cool: :cool:

help the person who locked herself out of her car, took hours but did it!

I am happy that I’m soon to get a drive that no one around here seems to know much about. [My next buy would have been a Mad Dog NEC burner–one that had been overly researched]. It’s been past time for an uneducated buy. :bigsmile:

I’m very happy as my ex-wifes new husband is taking my ex-wife to the cleaners in their divorce and i will soon have custody of my daughter :smiley: :clap:

Yo Bob-

Now [I]that[/I] has gotta make y’all feel [I]SO[/I] happy-eh!! :iagree: :iagree: :smiley:

oh yeah :iagree: been a long time coming :smiley: