Only getting 8x with dvd+r SL?



Does this scan look correct, I get 16X on the same test with the NEC 3500, but this and the same results with my 1620 and 1610. Its a data disc also created by NERO.


That’s correct for DVD+R media.

Check here for other media types. :wink:


I dont understand is it not supposed to read at 16x with any dvdr media? In the link you provided it has the same results for -r too. So what media can it read at 16x? Well I see it reads SL pressed dvd videos at 16x, thats all. Man I cant believe it. I thought I was sure it did the same for dvd+/-Rs. What a bummer. SL pressed are pretty much not being made anymore, except on older movies coming out on dvd, not any new releases (except for the straight to video garbage :Z )


Well how bout this one? Something made it take a dive right around 3.5GB
As you can see its a pressed dvd movie


ya, it’s called the layer change…that’s what that purple line is about.


so is that normal for this drive?


Dare I say almost EVERY dual layer drive! It will do the same on the NEC as well.

Go back and read that review that Pinto2 linked for you and look at Read Performance table. The only one greater than 8X was a Plextor out of 11 drives tested.


newbieee… welcome with questions


I know.I ve known about for awhile. I just didnt focus on the read/write speeds of the 1620 until I got a a 1610 (for comparison I guess)
Theres not a lot of truth in the big “16X” printed on the box for the 1620/1610. It only reads one type of disc at that speed if your lucky. SL DVD-VIDEO isnt the most wide spread disc either. I wish I had saved the $$$ from all my burners and gotten 1 plextor. theres a reason for it costing so much i guess.


Say what? :confused:


Well, what we need is someone to HACK the 1620 firmware to remove the RipLock. I know it can be done, because EriK (the author of CD-DVD Speed) is able to scan the DVD+R disc at 16X. So there is a way to do it. Maybe Erik would help someone take this HACKING task on !!!


No kidding I would have gotten another NEC instead, if all of this had dawned on me. I guess its not that important.