Only cvid!

Everytime I want to rip a dvd with dvdx or other software the only codec I can choose is cvid. Can enybody tell me why? I’ve divX codec installed. Other thing. Is possible to rip 150minutes in a 800Mb Cd with enough quality? What is the maximum to put in that cd’s to take enough quality? Sorry about my english, I hope you can help me.

If you can handle divX 3.11 and NanDub very well (which takes many films and lots of weeks to learn!), you can fit up to 120min with moderate quality into 800 MB.

With divX 4 / 5, i recommend not to make more than 60min per CD (that’s why I decided to buy a dvd burner; hated changing discs or copying them to hdd before watching)

With B-Frames, Qpel, GMC, and Psy enhancements, max quant 10, RC averaging to 1/2 the total number of frames, and some fiddling with B-Frame quant multipliers, you can almost always get better quality than with Nandub.

Quantizer 10?

If you get better quality with this than with nandub, then you can’t handle nandub properly (I hope you didn’t set nandub quantizer to 10 as well…never go higher than 6!)

If you get better quality with this than with nandub, then you can’t handle nandub properly…

Well, my last SBC rip of the matrix was better quality than Doom9’s, and 70 megs smaller too, so… Also, it was the max quant, not a constant quant, it wasn’t using a quant of 10 the entire time.

Also, it was the max quant,

Of course.

I soon found out that most guidlines from doom9 were not perfect at all: They propose to set only min/max-quantizer for divX3, but not different ones depending on the motion value.

It is indeed important to have a good feeling for correct max-DRFs, especially it is important to set it to 2-4 for low motion values, and only allow 2-6 or even 2-8 for higher ones. This increases deviation, but gives better quality.

If you make avi’s regularly, you might be interested in a program which reorganises avi files to make players reduces random seeks (which are annoying if playing from cd-r / dvd-r):

Unfortunately, I haven’t done an english version yet.

I’m translating it to english now. Do you want a copy once it’s done?

You can send me a copy of it, or you can upload it to your own webspace.

If I find the time, I’ll seperate the “language”, so that it’s easier to make a translation.