Only commentaries recorded when dvd's are copied

I am using 1click dvd and any dvd. When the dvd is copied completely I get the commentary when I try to play the dvd.
I tried using clonedvd2 with the same results of only capturing the commentaries.
Is there something I have to set in anydvd to capture the audio track?
I tried dvd43 with apollo dvd copy and the audio seems to be ok.
Capturing the commentary audio track happened on The heartbreak kid. fantastic 4, fallen and on a few other dvd’s.
If anyone has a solution this problem it would be much appreciated.

If it worked using the other programs, then just use them… Your problem is that you are missing the ac3 codec…

If it is missing the ac3 why was I able to copy it with dvd43 and apollo? i would expect the same problem.
these are the only DVD’s i have had problems with.