Only burns first song on CD

I got a dvd/cd burner a little while ago and at first it kept erroring out so i got the new firmware and not when i burn a cd it will only play the first track and then it will go up to how many tracks i put on there but not play any of them. can anyone help me? Thanks, Ryan

FYI: I have a microadvantage cd/dvd burner.

Try a known quality media.

Try a known quality media.

what does that mean???[

Which burn program? Copy individual track to the hard drive as .WAV file, then drag each wave file to the burn screen.

Use 16X burn speed. What type of media are you using?

TY’s, Maxell, Verbatim, Ricoh i.e. Ridata, Memorex if it’s made in India. Or anything you see that’s made in Japan.

What programs do you recommend that are free?

I have tried nero, Windows media player, music match media player and a few others. I will try draging individual tracks to the screen. I will try 16x i have tried 24 but i will try 16. Im using k hypermedia cd-r and i have tried another kinda but i forget the name.

I’ve kinda dropped out of the music burning for a spell but when I was, I had trbl with the khpermedia cd’s. Had much better luck with Maxell and Sony. As for programs, I’ve been glued to one for about 4 yrs. now but it’s not free. But it is only $25.00 and worth every penny IMO. It’s called Acoustica. I’m not sure how long they offer now, but at that time they offered a 30 day free trial. Even if they dropped it to 15 days, thats long enough to give you a feel for it and to decide if you’d like to buy it.


you cant burn cds with Acoustica can you

CD’s and MP3’s. CD’s is all I’ve ever used it for.

Download BuyAcoustica MP3 CD Burner 4.0
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Just go to

now its not recognizing my burner, i go to play list and click burn cd and it says i dont have one hooked up. what should i do now?

Hopefully this link will help. The company is acknowledging trbl.

Micro Advantage Products

I did a Google to find this and so can you.


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