Only Burning at 16x

Hi There!

Frist time poster,how’s it all goin? Anyways, now… To my CD-Burner :a . I have a 32x10x40 Generic burner. (well, there is a company, I just forgot it) anyways. For some odd reason, it only burns at 16X. STOP! I know you are going to ask, “Didja buy 16x Cd’s?”. No, they are 48X CD-R’s. Now, someone posted all about DMA’s and stuff in another fourms board. Here is the lay-down though, When I formatted it fixed the problem (Oh,quickly, There is no update for the Firmware and my company is BenQ. It’s just a CDRW drive,not the combo) anyways, another problem is that the auto-run is not working even though it’s enabled on my windows. I have Windows 98, if this helps. Any ideas?

Firstly, I would hardly call BenQ no-name.

Secondly, did you enable DMA?

To add to Chriso statement, check DMA if enabled in both BIOS and Windows, sometimes windows will keep defaulting to BIOS settings for things like this.

Take a look here, as your IDE drivers could be responsible for these problems!

Benq does have firmware upgrades, just not too often Double check you’re running the latest.

I just cheaked the Firmware last night. DMA IS enable in both CMOS and Windows… I reinstalled Nero. Still nothing… Maybe it’s the fact I had Achole 120?

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