Only 4x burning instead of 16x?

Hi. I have a Dell XPS 600 running XP SP2, 3.00 Ghz processer and a 250 GB HD. I have a 16x DVD burner however it is only burning at 4x, media I am burning supports 16x. I have tried diff burning programs (currently using Nero 8) however they all say max burn speed is 4x.
Under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers in dev mgr Primary and Secondary IDE channel properties show transfer mode as “DMA if avail”. Primary IDE Channel properties/advanced settings show device 0 and device 1. Transfer mode for both is DMA if avail however current xfer for device 0 is “Ultra DMA Mode 2” and device 1 current xfer is ”PIO mode".
Also, still in dev mgr, DVD burner is listed as "Sony DVD-ROM DDU1615 under DVD drives (not sure how relevant all this is, just trying to incl as much info as possible). If anyone has info on how I could get 16x burning it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Follow the link in my sig, it has instructions on how to get your drives into UDMA mode (and out of PIO mode).

Thanks. Gonna try it now. I’ll post once I’m done, thank you very much.

If that doesn’t help, there is another option. Goodluck :slight_smile:

Ok, I followed that link, no luck yet. I’m not that familiar with VB so may be a stupid question but is it just supposed to open up as a word file? That’s what happened anyway. Restarted pc, same results.
Went through the manual way but I did not delete the IDE channel because I wasn’t sure if the HD containing Windows was on that channel or not. Thanks for all the info.

Saguaro520, Sony DVD-ROM DDU1615 is a DVD-ROM drive (reader, not your burner).
Can you provide name of your burner.

Sorry about that, does “HL-DT-ST DVD ±RW GWA4164B” sound right?

Yes, that’s an OEM LG drive. :slight_smile:

OK, let me ask another question - when you go to burn are you offered the option of higher burn speeds, or is 4x all the software will give you?

BTW, it’s been awhile since I ran it, but to my knowledge, the resetdma.vbs file doesn’t open in Word for me.

I run it and if there’s a problem it tells me the location of the drive to be reset, and asks me to reboot. :wink:

4x is the only option, can’t change it.

Could also be that firmware doesn’t fully support the particular media you’re using, then.

But let’s get the DMA out of the way first. :slight_smile:

Can you list your IDE channels, and the Current Transfer Modes of Device 0 and 1 on each. That should help see if the drive is on the same channel as your HDD or not.

Can you post the MID or name of the media you use?

Well, if ya mean the type of DVD’s I’ve tried burning with I’ve been using Memorex 4.7 GB -R, 16x lately, also tried other kinds. Not sure if it would make a difference however I haven’t tried +R DVD’s yet.

Do not know which Memorex you are using-but they are not the best-try some verbatim-and did you get your PIO changed to DMA?

That explains it.

Get better media like Verbatim!

Thanks for all the replies so far everyone, I appreciate the help.

Primary IDE Channel - Device 0/xfer mode/DMA if avail - Current xfer/Ultra DMA Mode 2. Device 1/xfer mode DMA if avail - Current xfer/PIO Mode.

Secondary IDE Channel - Device 0/xfer mode/DMA if avail - Current xfer - Not applicable. Device 1/xfer mode/DMA if avail - Current xfer - Not applicable.
Then there is a “Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller”, doesn’t show a xfer mode at all.

Also, I believe I’ve tried Verbatim in the past with the same results, not a 100% sure but I might try to pick some up and try them in a few days, I just got a 75 pack of the Memorex so I hope they’ll work.

I’m guessing you have an SATA HDD? Because none of those transfer rates indicate a HDD, but sound like your optical drives.

And one of them is still in PIO Mode.

Let me know if your HDD is SATA, as I have a suggestion.

Yes, it is SATA - “HARD DRIVE, 250GB, Serial ATA, 7.2K, 8MEGB, GENERIC”

Excellent, that’s what I was hoping to hear :wink:

OK, so try this:

In Device Manager, right-click the IDE channel your DVD drives are on (from your post above, it looks like that’s the Primary IDE channel), and click Uninstall.

Reboot, and Windows will re-install the channel (and your drives).

Now check the Current Transfer Modes again. :wink:

I smell RITEKF1 here, that MID which LG long time denied the existence of :wink: .

Uninstalled, rebooted … nothing has changed unfortunatley