Only 4.3gb on dvd+r?

on the box of my maxell dvd+rs, it saids 4.7gb.

but nero refuse to burn anything above 4.3gb to the dvd+r, why?

i heard about overburning, but i fear of it damaging my drive, duel layer disc cost as much as 10dvd+rs here in my country, so that’s not an option.

please help, i own winxp sp2 with liteon 1693s

A DVD-5 format disc is capable of storing 4.7 gigabytes, or roughly 4.38 gibibytes. A DVD-9 is capable of storing 8.5 gigabytes, or roughly 7.92 gibibytes.

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only 4.3gb on dvd+r? (Nero & InCD)

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