Only 1/2 my movies are being recorded... DvdCloner v6

[qanda]This thread is about the HP dvd1040i 20X Multiformat DVD Writer. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi all

I am new here and to the scene, searched around the net… and think this is the best place to join… so here I am. :slight_smile:

Equipment: a newer Dell XPS… over 800 gigs avail on HD
DVD burner: HP DVD Writer 1070d
Software: DVD-Cloner: V6 build 978

Now to my problem… :frowning:

Past two days I have tried to burn my first two back up movies

The program seems to be working ok as it burns… but only 1/2 the movies approx are showing up when finished. Tried 7 times already… same issue each time.

Selected: Burn DVD9 to DVD5
Also tried a 1:1 copy with a DL disc
I am NOT clicking on two disc burn option… but indeed single disc.
Used 3 different DVD brands, even a DL disc

What is happening is that I am getting a great copy of about an hour of the movies. Program is utilizing only about 3.75 gigs on the burn media.

I tried to be thorough in my reading on how to burn… and think I am doing it right. Though really frustrated as to why only 1/2 the movie “seems” to be recording. The Burned discs all work… BUT only 1/2 the movie approx. They play in my 5 year old sony player hooked to the TV and on my Dell XPS system… but only 1/2… approx… one hour.

Any ideas, tips, hints… will be greatly appreciated!
Hope you all are staying warm!



Software: DVD-Cloner: V6 build 978

My suspect is the program dvd-cloner is a unreliable and untested program and from what I read and heard on cdfreaks is not the best of programs that can work on todays protected dvd media. AnyDVD with CloneCD or CloneDVD and or just DvdFab Plat. itself are far better products for such a task. They are more better about decrypting the dvd protection as well as their software updates. Also since you don’t mention the media type that would also be something you should look into the quality of media most if not many would first use Verbatim DL media if avaiable. Also what is the burn speed you are using makes a big difference in making a good burn or good coaster. As always go half the media rated speed and for DL I use is 2-2.4x settings just to insure proper burns. When you do burns you shouldn’t as well be multitasking as this is a serious drain on system resource the computer needs to do a proper burn. These are simple things to do but make a world of difference from the start to finish of the burn coming out good or bad.

Thank you for your helpful answer. I got a copy of DVDfab, and it did the job with 100% effectiveness. Thank you.