Only 1/2 burning speed upon XP upgrade

Hi folks,
I’m getting desperate here …
I have LG CED-8081B burner, it worked fine under win Me but
since I installed win XP I can burn only 4X (not 8x) If I attempt
to burn 8x I get error 4:0x09:0x00.
Tried Clone CD, Nero, Roxio … All the same
Win XP burning capabilities disable, enabled…
DMA mode PIO mode …
There is no firmware upgrade available for this burner
Tried to use 8080B firmware ( same burner diferent software)
won’t upgrade :frowning:

VIA KT133 chipset, latest drivers installed
Right now is the cdr as master on secondary IDE ch. using Multi-Word DMA Mode 2
HD UDMA4 primary master

Please save my sanity …

Thanks !

The CED model burner is a worst-choice unit, I’m not surprised it’s not working. You seem to have done a lot of checking and I can’t add anything further except to get another burner like an LG GCE, Lite-On or ASUS

Thanks for the depressing reply :wink:
Can you suggest brand and model # with great potential

Thanks a lot !


depends on what you are trying to accomplish, but they do reviews here, check the front page and look for the reviews get some ideas and then do a search on the models that peaked your interest, you will find a boatload of info here. But probably the top three here would be plextor, asus and lite-on.