Online survey on community identification

Hello All,
We are doing a study on web communities and we would like to include CD Freaks. If you’d like to participate, you can fill out the survey by clicking the link below. The data collected from this forum will be shared with the administration team. So if you have some time to spare and you want to fill out the survey, here it is…
Please note that this link is generated specific for the members in CD Freaks. Don’t release the link to anywhere else cause it may contaminate the data set. Thanks for your cooperation.

This survey is designed to seek your opinions regarding your experiences in this online forum. Your feedbacks will help the management team to understand their members and to improve the quality of this forum. We appreciate your participation.


In this survey, you will answer a series of questions with respect to your attitude and behavior in this online forum. There is no “right” or “wrong” answer. Take your time, consider each statement carefully, and select the one that most closely reflects your true opinions. Once you have completed all questions, click “Submit” and you will get a confirmation for the successful submission.

Privacy Statement

Your survey responses will be strictly confidential and used for academic research only. There are some items about the personal information, e.g., gender and age. We collect such information for the sake of data analysis. The results will be reported only at the aggregate level. All information will not be associated with your identity.

Contact Information

Kathy Ning Shen
Information Systems Department, City University of Hong Kong
Tel: (852)27888476; Fax: (852)27888694

Online survey:

I’m Ok with this one, asked permission by e-mail. Can be stickied in the Livingroom if nobody else objects…

No objections from me.

Looking at the University webpage, Kathy Ning Shen exist as Research Asssitant in the IS (Dept of Information System). So it’s no spam, and a university research is always interesting. No objections from me.

Fine with me also!

Ok, I’ll copy this one, without staff replies, to the living room…

Approved by management.

Let the world know what you think of CD Freaks and online communities in general. Be honest, even if you think we may not like the answers…it will only help us make it a better place…

Thanks a lot for the support. I’m looking forward more members’ participation.

ok i did it…man that was really long

Whew, that was long! Gave my two pence worth, though :slight_smile:

Did it too. Glad to be able to help others with this. I really haven’t expected that CD Freaks would be a target of research :wink:

That took forever :doh:

Woohoo Anonymous! Just stick in your join date :wink:

Done… hope this really helps