Online Survey Center popups



How do I get rid of those annoying Online Survey Center popups?


First off Welcome to the forums vinny2car

What browser are you using and do you have a popup blocker installed and turned on? :confused:


Internet Explorer and pop-up blocker is installed and turned on.


Some websites carry surveys to try targeting first time visitors, including the homepage here. The way they do this is by storing a browser cookie such that the next time you visit an affected website, from the cookie it stored, it will recognise you were there before and not display that pop-up.

However, if you regularly clean your browser cookies, have them disabled or set your browser to delete them automatically, then the affected websites will constantly show these survey pop-ups.


Yeah, that’s what I thought it was too, but after further investigation, that proved not to be true - that’s why I came to you guys. This is the only popup that seems able to get through my defenses, but I can’t seem to find their website to disable it. It’s really ticking me off :eek:.