Online shopping explodes before 'Cyber Monday,' consumer electronics are hot items



Online shopping explodes before ‘Cyber Monday,’ consumer electronics are hot items.

[newsimage][/newsimage]New sales data demonstrates that holiday shoppers just don't want to wait until November 25 to begin their yearly spending spree. According to digital sales researcher comScore, e-shoppers spent $12.7 billion in the first 25 days of November - a 15 percent increase over the same period last year. Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday also posted big yearly gains, proving that broadband Internet access, great deals and being too stuffed to move is a tempting mix.

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Etailers did not want to be shut out by the “threat” of B&M rolling back opening dates, so they made their pushback for online deals even sweeter. Everything from computer parts, to HDTVs, digital cameras, laptops, tablets, and accessories saw new low prices of the year (especially blue ray media, flash media, and game consoles). Flash & blu ray media were on MY list of holiday shopping. And… with that, I’m tapped out, and will wait for next year to save up and start again!

Don’t expect there to be much December shopping. I doubt retail would go any lower on thier pricing to bring in the customers. I’m betting most people did all of it upfront in one shot.