Online RPG game,Question!



Hi guys, can someone tell me more about an online RPG game becouse I haven’t played one before!
What is it like?
Storyline(if any)?
More Players?..Things like that!

Everquest,World of Warcraft…I have just read a review saying these are online RPG games!

Are these online games Only?
With no offline single player campaign?

This was the main thing that was confusing me!



I can’t speak of those first handed…I’m sure there are some here that can help you …I myself play America’s Army its online…but before your allowed on the server you have to complete basic training…which is really …really hard…took me almost a month to get finished with it…I like playing online for the mere fact its playing against someone…not just a computer…and each time its different…

I used to play Quake online …it got where it was so predicitable…i haven’t played iin a while…

My suggestion is …download a couple and see what suits your taste…


everquest and WoW are online only and require a monthly fee i believe, as they are MasssiveMultiplayerRPG’s. due to the cost i aint played em but have heard good things about WoW.
Others like Neverwinter nights have a full campaign single player and also have online servers/pw(persistant worlds) etc…
Personally I luv NWN has been best value game ever! played through the single player games and with the online stuff its neverending, then of course you can build your own mods/maps if you want too! you can get nwn platinum now which comnes with both expansion packs. also NWN2 is in the making…hopefully its even better!


try diablo2 i play it with my 3 sons they all live in different states. also the play site is free. played asheron’s call2 too but it cost so i stopped. i also play Neverwinter nights platinum. this i really enjoy. dungeon siege is fun too. CINDI:)


Thanks for the replies guys,they were really helpful! :wink: