Online retailer leaks Acer and Gateway Windows 8 PCs - screenshot

Online retailer leaks Acer and Gateway Windows 8 PCs - screenshot.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Online retailer HSN made a mistake, it has put Windows 8 PCs online too early. We have the details...

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Wow, laptops btw $700 and $1200, I bet those will be real popular with people who can’t afford them…

I-I don’t understand. W-why, these look like ordinary n-notebooks. How can that be? I thought we’d see keys all of varying colors, shapes and locations.

And the cases - I thought surely we’d see Block Colors jigsaw’d together - green corners, red and yellow middles, blue blocks up and down.

Well, fortunately, there won’t be any of those power buttons! Nothing to start it with. Whew! At least THAT will be a huge leap forward.

“These are truly green computers. They use no power whatsoever.”

How is this news?
Hey!! We have laptops … they come with windows … yay!

The next iteration of Android would be a greater COUP DE GRACE for microso-not-innovating