Online Police, Fire, EMS (etc) Monitor



I constantly monitor online, local police, fire, ems, rescue helicopter, etc., on :Broabcastify":

Normally, Chicago is the top feed, but currently, Boston is the top feed, at 2754 listeners.

With this online monitor, you can listen to countless types of feeds, world wide. I listened to floods in Australia a few years ago. I also heard one hell of a chase some months ago, right here at home. You can also listen to trains, even Amtrak and Amtrak police. You can also find some CB feeds. There is a major marathon coming up in ther UK soon, and I definitely want to hear some of that. You can listen all over the world, but if you don’t understand the language, it’s no fun.



I just heard on the news there was an explosion at a fertilizer plant in Waco, Texas, so I tuned in. There are over 13,000 listeners right now! Amazing.



I have a similar app for my Android Tablet. It [I]is[/I] pretty cool.


My landlord now tunes it in on his cell phone and walks around listening to local stuff.

There’s been 0ver 20" of snow the past two days and they have been having hell dealing with the interstates. They were talkin’ about having to rescue someone by snowmobile.


Here’s the scanner audio from the explosion:


Well, heck! I think I told too many people about this online scanner. I’m trying to listen to the stuff happening in Boston, but there are over 84,000 people on it and it won’t let me on. It tries to connect but doesn’t.:sad:Some of ya’ll need to un-know that so I can listen some.


Hmmm… I got on and was listening, but I think they got so many hits the site crashed (155,613 listeners). Bummer. The rest of the net works, streaming webcams and all. Maybe it’ll reset in a bit. It was most exciting.

By the way, if you want to track what’s happening from the air, use this site:

It’s better than Google earth and is so close and clear it makes me want to say, “Just drop me off in that tree and I’ll walk home”.:slight_smile: