Online piracy frightens movie executives when looking at music industry

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They can stamp the problem out right now! Just offer a huge variety of films to download as high quality DivX from high speed servers, and I, and I suspect the rest of the internet, will be happy to pay small, but very profitable (as there are only slight distribution costs) fees (£2-3 each?). On the other hand they can go the way of the music industry, and force people to choose between trecking into town to a noisy, unpleasant music shop, and emptying their wallet for packaging and staffing costs. And I’ll download my films illegally.

Well this is all based on a couple of assumptions: A. That the music industry is really being damaged by pirates (never been proven, except by ridiculous numbers provided by the RIAA, who don’t hold into account recession and shitty music nobody wants to buy). B. That piracy (general) really damages them. I download a lot of movies, I watch them, and then decide wether I want to see them in the cinema… So this is more like a quality control factor (which they really fear), than something that damages them. For the moment consumers are being exploited. You have to pay for a shitty movie, as much as you have to pay for a good one. If I download a movie: first of all, it takes a while to download. There’s allways the risk of the movie being damaged. You get “frustrated” by the quality of the sound etc… It’s not the same as watching them in a cinema, or having the dvd. I would choose to pay for a good movie and seeing it in the cinema anytime over watching a subbed screener. (this all is just my humble opinion)

What they are missing is that it’s not screeners a lot of folks are downloading but near DVD quality rips from already released DVD’s. I only tend to buy DVD’s now if it’s a REALLY great movie that requires the best quality sound and video and extras and packaging. Stuff like Lord of the Rings or PIXAR movies like Monsters Inc etc. All other movies I tend to grab on DiVX/XviD after the DVD (or sometimes on Pre or DVD Screener) is out. The time it takes to download does not bother me. I have over 600 movies and hundreds of anime episodes and TV shows downloaded like this. I’d happily pay a small fee however to get it from a fast reliable and officially sanctioned server. Simply because of convenience and not having the problem of unreliable speeds, virii, fakes and other spurious annoyances. They can learn from the music industries mistakes and start making plans to offer such services. However I believe what will happne is that they offer up more DRM crapola and charge too much and sue left right and center like the RIAA is doing. Hopefully the RIAA’s actions now will set a precedent for the future that means this won’t happen. However I have little faith in greedy companies and politicians.