Online piracy criminal prosecution hailed as a world first



I just posted the article Online piracy criminal prosecution hailed as a world first.

  StrongBad used our news submit  to tell us "The RIAA has stooped to a new low. If they continue  down this path they are going to face some serious consequenses." Until now, the  music...
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yeah, its too bad thses guys are being fined. i ‘was’ a frequent visitor to their site. most of their content was from australian artists and was hosted on local, uni and private servers, which i guess is why these people are being fined. still, these 3 are minors comapred to the massive factories which pump our counterfit cd’s which take away much more proffit from the record industry. still, hope they dont get into too mucc trouble… im sure the australian government has done much more illegal work than them.


Oi !!!..The australian govt in illegal practises…??? Lying, cheating. stealing, deviousness, deception, deviate behaviour, obtaining money and goods under false pretence and being generally bottom feeding scum are all legal political pursuits and pasttimes…(did I cover it all ??)…:X


All I can say is, you already screwed so just do yourself a favor and DENY, everything learn something from the history books and our present leaders. DENY, DENY, DENY… :S Crap even if they show you papers, tapes, and even a person that looks like you just DENY.


Wouldn’t it be nice to hear how a rapist, murderer or paedophile has finally been caught and jailed . . For his entire life too, not just 8 or 10 years. Honestly, who gives a fuck about a couple of geezers dishing out some poxy music compared with all the real crimes currently going on, it’s totally an utterly insignificant . . I am one geezer who is truly sick and fucking tired of the fuss being made over this petty shite and infact find it truly criminal in itself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no advocate of piracy or stealing others ideas etc etc but please, let’s deal with this toytown crap once the truly dangerous people are (hopefully literaly) dead and buried. Seriously guys - I really am fucking fuming over this incredulously pathetic behaviour, who gives a flying fuck about greedy mens profits (I don’t give a shit how talented or hard working they are or if we never hear another tune or see another movie from this day on) . . compared to loss of life, crime, lack of a good education, lack of good fair health care etc etc. The gap between rich and poor all around the World is just getting wider and wider and wider and we should all be fucking well ashamed of it - rant over.