Online, NBC screwing up the Olympics



Online, NBC screwing up the Olympics.

[newsimage][/newsimage]With the 2010 Winter Olympics in full swing, NBC's backwards thinking on new media is on display.

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Requiring Silverlight isn’t an improvement either.


You are allowed to watch it live on the Internet only if you can already watch it live on TV. That’s Brilliant !

What a crock ! What a bunch of SOBs !

I’m glad I get coverage on 4 Canadian channels as well as the crappy NBC coverage.


As I’m in Canada I’ve been very happy with our coverage. We have 3 (sometimes 4) HD channels carrying it. CTV, TSN, Sportsnet (and sometimes TSN2 repeats footage late at night).

between the 3 channels we get to see most events live as they happen, and it gives ample room to repeat the more popular events (or the ones Canadian’s win medals in).

the nbc coverage does seem pretty poor. There’s so many events at the olympics, to reduce coverage to one channel seems insufficient?


Do any of those Canadian channels broadcast online?


Seems to me last time NBC did the Summer Olympics they fed some of the less popular or tedious stuff like Baseball and Wrestling to their other brands, like CNBC and MSNBC.

I just looked, they do.


I hate silverlight and hate the fact that i just remove it everytime because i don’t use it or i don’t see any special use for it, only when i need to watch some coverage in


NBC’s coverage sucks!. I tried to sign in to watch some live coverage, they listed my carrier, but because I don’t subscribe to their internet service I couldn’t view it. What they are showing on TV is just a bunch of over edited crap. The audio doesn’t even sync with the video. I find it ironic that it was NBC’s own show “Saturday Night Live” called it “dubbs disease”, and that was probably thirty years ago. Top it off with the gory footage they kept showing and repeating of the Luge accident that took the mans life, and only stopped when enough people complained.

Then their local news channel in Norfolk, Va. started their report following the opening ceremony telling all their viewers the ceremony was forced indoors due to bad weather when they planned for the show to be inside from the beginning. Just terrible coverage all the way around and nowhere else to go to see it.


[QUOTE=Blu-rayFreak;2494869]Do any of those Canadian channels broadcast online?[/QUOTE]

Yes, CTV does.


[QUOTE=DukeNukem;2495340]Yes, CTV does.[/QUOTE]
Not only CTV but also TSN and SportsNet. During the opening ceremonies there was like 6+ other channels that broadcasted it too. All of those were live online at the same time. It’s all contained on one web site ( which is nice and it’s the best Olympic Coverage I’ve ever seen. I feel sorry for all of you in the States stuck with just NBC and the above “junk”.

One drawback though is us Canadian’s are also stuck with Silverlight too. Everything CTV does is normally in Flash but the Olympic site only works with the latest Silverlight.