Online music sharing pain in the ass of record industry



I just posted the article Online music sharing pain in the ass of record industry.

Both Yahoo and the BBC website report that online music sharing has damaged record sales.
Also cassettes (duh, doesn’t suprise me sales of those drops) sales are going down. Albums are still very…

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cassette? They still exist? i’m impressed that ppl still buy those.


What a bunch of greedy basturds. I think a boycott of album buying may be in order. We need to send them a message that they will understand($). How about NO ALBUM BUYING FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR! HeHeHeee


If an album warrants the purchase I’m happy to go to the store. MP3 quality is still shit compared to Compact Disc.


I think people have just realised that buying singles is now a waste of money and I wish record companies would take a look at the bigger picture. One thing that pisses me off is that they don’t seem to have noticed the ridiculous prices big highstreet vendors such as HMV and Virgin charge. Most albums I like in these shops cost between £16-18 but in my local small independent record shop they are all less than £10. I doubt the record company gets anymore money from the big shops so where does that extra £8 go? I know record companies and shops are there to make money but i wish they would stop blaming Napster and have a look themselves.


I just bought a cassette for my C64… :4


It’s pretty hard to have much sympathy for the music industry :c . They spent 30 years to turn music into a commodity and are now stunned to find the public taking advantage of the digital era. The CD proved to be so lucrative that they just couldn’t find the will to change. They should try going back to the vinyl disk. As for the boycott, I have managed to buy only two CDs in the past year and I don’t even have a high-speed connection. Actually that isn’t true. I have bought many karaoke VCDs and music CDs. These are produced by a Sayonara Productions from Phnom Penn, Cambodia. The CDs are available at any South East Asian grocery store in any China Town in any major city world wide. :slight_smile: