Online music *followup*

I just posted the article Online music followup.

A real good article describing some of the features (weaknesses too) of some new online-music-paying-things.

But that’s not what they’ll get. Pressplay will not allow file sharing; MusicNet…

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Hmm, lets see, I can pay for the service, not burn it to use on my cd players and in my car, not put it on my mp3 player and probably have it stop working when I get myself a new computer next year, or I can download it for free, burn it, put it on cd for my car, cd player, stereo etc and take it on my new computer with no problems. hhmmmm Where do I sign up for this great paying service?? I wanna do it NOW! :slight_smile:

This just is really stupid! :r Why would anyone pay to listen to MP3? I’ll pay when I buy the CD and no sooner. There are numerous file sharing programs out there(no need to name them right?), where you can DL all the MP3’s in the world. :9 And if you like something than(and no sooner) you’ll buy it online or in the stores. Idiots, they’re all idiots.

I downloaded a song from the new Slipknot album Iowa. I wanted to see what the new songs where like before I bought the CD. Needless to say 5 minutes after listening to an mp3, I went and bought the CD. No copy protection on it either. So I made a copy and threw it in my CD case that I use for travel and put the original up so it doesn’t get ruined. :d

Any good wav recording software is able to record any audio source the computer is playing. Just hit record on your wav recorder program and play on the encrypted file. It never even leaves the digital domain. :slight_smile: :wink:

hmmm, BlackAcidDevil posts messages just like he treats his CDs… with a backup copy. lol

What’s a good wav recorder and where can I download it? I’ve been looking for one that’s able to record any audio source and not just from an external source through the line in of the sound card. Any suggestions?

CoolEdit Pro is a half decent one. Otherwise just go to somewhere like: and see what programs they have to offer. Order them by the number of downloads and you’ll see which programs are the most popular! :slight_smile:

RIAA controlled online music distribution systems = :r Enough said

The RIAA should just sit on their candy asses and chill out. Errr wait they already do that. Well, shite I believe they are ppl that have nothing to do then pick on little ppl. They must have been made fun off when they were small OR couldn’t join any elite groups.

Thanks nila. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Jårgeee… :wink: