Online movie downloads

need opinion of 2 online download sites

both claim express downloads and claim their software can burn dvd on
my cd burner
has anyone any experience with these sites
thanks and happy new year to all

I’ve never heard of these sites, but that doesn’t mean someone here in the forums hasn’t either. I’ve heard of course about Netflix and Vongo having online movie downloads, but that’s it.

While you’re waiting for someone else from the forum that may have had experience with these sites, invest some time in searching Google for the site name and seeing if there are any reviews on these sites. If you can find reviews about them, read them and see what you think; if you can’t find a single review about either site, I’d tend to avoid those sites, as a lack of information isn’t good these days.

Update: I did a brief Google search on site 1 and found nothing about it. Usually reviews for sites/things are easily found “Googling,” so the fact I didn’t find anything like that would mean there’s no information for you to make an informed decision about that site at all. Personally, I would avoid it. Do the same for the site and see if you get any consumer reviews on it that are substantive (tell you about download speed, site problems, movie portability once d/l’ed to computer, ability to burn without having to fight difficult copy protections, etc). If you don’t find anything on that, I’d lean towards avoiding it as well. A genuine, bonafide site won’t have a lack of reviews on it…