Online Jobs

are there any valid online jobs like getting paid to fill out surverys or play some games, because i have all this free time at work, might as well make some extra money, anyone know of any? i’ve been searching but they all have these registration fees and a lot of bs.

Ted, I’ve not seen any, and I’ve checked out all the major and more lesser-known online job sites there are, so in terms of surveys, no, I can’t say there’s one I’ve seen.

haha well if you find one let me know

If you have a private office, and a web cam, the possibilities are endless… LOL

^hahahahah good call

cdfreaks moderator…:eek:

where could i sign up moderators?

  1. This is not something you can sign up for
  2. This is not something you get paid for
  3. All good things come in three, so that is why I added this one :smiley:

As to the original question… There are some sites that still offer rewards for filling in (online) questionaires or receive spam. I only know one still, it is a Dutch site: but I haven’t checked those out in a long time (they did pay out though, I received cash several times myself)

One reminder to all tho…no referral links here…just the link to the main site without referrer codes please.

Online Job that`s payed …

  1. Buy a Computer with a Good Server to add to it.
  2. Get a Web-cam and a GOOD broadband Con.
  3. Start selling your NUDE pic. and Live Video Streams around the world.

Now just cross your fingers that there are pepz in the CYBERSPACE that are willing to pay money to see you NUDE.

Dont say not anyone of you pepz didt know of this “ART” :wink: