Online Hyper Tuning Test Firmware and Results here:

:slight_smile: If you want to test the Online Hyper Tuning(OHT) feature of 165p6s, 165h6s and 160p6s, please download the firmware here:

Please post the test results here for me to check if there is still something to improve.

The main change of this firmware is to add more parameters to check and modify during OHT.

C0deKing, I hope you wouldn’t mind I did it in this way, I just don’t want to bother you if I can do it myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: See the “Test Firmware Announcment” thread for the latest test firmware releases.

You been making a hard job! :flower:

First burn with HV8P, TYG02@12x

Thanks a lot for providing us with test firmware. Keep it up!!!

Fujifilm03 DVD-R 8x burned @ 8x with HT=on OHT=on & OS=off
Burn Time= 10:14

{is it possible to get better result with this fujifilm media with this liteon drive?
Any suggestions???}

MCC02 media burn @ 8X with all on except OS=off

PRODISC R03@12X All = ON

CMC MAG E01@12X All=ON . At the end of burning (leadout) Nero stop for a long time and fail with “session fixation error”, but the disc seems to be OK.

Here it is

Results seem worse with Online Hypertuning on. I had if off on my other
-R burns.

About 1 minute leadin time.

i don’t think the long lead in is repairable with new fw?

I didn’t think it was fixed either but thought I would mention it.

165P6S - MV8P
Verbatim MCC004 @ 12x
HT: On
OS: On

Playo brand AML002 8x Liteon 160P6S FW PV8D SB/HT/OHT/OS on, burned with CD-DVD Speed.

My biggest gripe with burns from this drive has been the jitter levels - it burns almost all media with jitter alot higher than my other drives, from cheap media to TY T02, and I’ve seen the same from others testing the newer Liteons for jitter levels. But with each addition of HyperTuning and now Online HyperTuning, the jitter levels and overall results have been improving. Still not to the level of my other drives, but better results. For reference, this media burns with jitter averages of 7.3-7.8% in my Benq. Before HyperTuning, this media burned with jitter average of around 11% in the Liteon, after Hypertuning it got down to around 9.5%. And now with Online HyperTuning it is down to around 9%, so I’m definitely seeing improvements. Error levels have been cut about in half as well. :clap:

For comparison, a scan of the above disc scanned in my Liteon 160P6S.

MCC 004 @16x all on. :bigsmile:
Burn time says 7:01, but if you look at the time the image file started and the ending time it’s a little over 3 mins. :eek: :confused:

Hi Wind,

My first burn with MV8P F/W:

Sony Yuden000 T02 +R


Speed set to 12X

Good burn, but it took an unusual long time length to starting the actual burn (with CD-DVD Speed).

Hi Wind,
165P6S MV8P

Sony08D1 -R @12X


Burned with CD-DVD Speed. Weird results at create disk. Speed reduced to 6X near 2Gb. It took 1 min to initiate burning.

165P6S MV8G vs MV8P comparison on GSC003 8x rated DVD-R.

  1. MV8G SB/HT/OHT=ON Burn=8x
  2. MV8G SB/HT/OHT/OS=ON Burn=12x
  3. MV8P SB/HT/OHT=ON Burn=8x
  4. MV8P SB/HT/OHT/OS=ON Burn=12x

Any time a PIE spike of 20 is an outlier on this media… un-freakin-believable…

No observed problems with lead-in. Total burn time ~6:50 @ 12x. Burn speed did vary on occasions (with 12x burn) as OHT kicked in to keep quality high.


8x Burn Was Selected (12x Option Was Available)

Previous Burn With MV8G Here:


8x Burn Was Selected (12x Option Was Available)

Previous Burn With MV8G Here:


8x Burn Was Selected (12x Option Was Available)

Wow The Huge PI Errors Hump Has Gone. (Must Of Got Lucky)

Previous Burn With MV8G Here: