Online file-sharing crackdowns spawn bizarre offline system

Online file-sharing crackdowns spawn bizarre offline system.

[newsimage][/newsimage]An interesting new offline anonymous form of file-sharing is literally taking to the streets as online services are increasingly targeted by anti-piracy groups and legislation.

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Bad Link?

Thanks midders

Interesting enough to read, but I can’t see to many intelligent people doing it.

I could see it catching on if it were done by bluetooth/wireless, but to physically plug into a USB stick? I don’t think so.

Thanks midders. Seems like a database problem at the moment as I can’t get into any mainpage story here at this time of writing.

I also think a Wi-Fi version would work better and also encourage it, since people do regularly look for open Wi-Fi points and sure I’m sure someone would rather join a public Wi-Fi access point than physically attach their laptop into some USB port sticking out a wall somewhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

All that would be required is a Wi-Fi access point with NAS functionality, a solar panel for power and a USB pen drive plugged into its USB port to share out as a network drive.


[QUOTE=bean55;2554268]Bad Link?[/QUOTE] The problem is more general as I reported in this thread:

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Plugging an unknown USB device into your computer is a great way to get a virus/malware/spyware. Midders is correct that this type of thing could be done in a safer way without a USB connection. Beware - The windows “trick” of holding down the shift key to stop autorun of executables doesn’t always work.

Also, remember that no file is ever truly deleted from a flash memory drive until its blocks are overwritten. That could require filling up the entire drive to be 100% sure that the info is wiped. So think twice before you put some info on a public flash drive.

Thats just retarded

Not gonna try that at all. You can never be sure what kind of data is on that thing. However, it would be a nice experiment to see what people actually are storing on that thing.

On top of that, it’s easily destroyed. Just take something heavy and knock the port right out of the wall.

Perhaps it could even destroy your usb port if some moron actually short circuited or otherwise tamper with the connector.

The USB connector extruding from the wall should have a sign next to it that says “Stick it in”.

Creative experiment, but this is obviously not going to catch on to be widespread. I wouldn’t mind placing some USB drives around my town to see what gets placed on them though. Seems like a fun experiment.

While viruses are mostly a Windows problem, I’ve seen working examples of USB-based system cracking tools that will work on any system. They consist of a Arduino module that emulates FLASH drive and a USB keyboard. Most OSes will automatically enable a USB keyboard so you’re pw3d within a few seconds while you’re browsing the files.

I would think the United States Government will put a stop to this ideal in a hurry as it will
claim it poses a security risk as it would be so easy for terrorist to transfer instructions and
other stuff to each other. :eek:

Is this Aram Bartholl guy goofy or what doesn’t he know the ramifications this ideal poses to
any evil doers out there and what they could transfer to each other? I for one would never plug
into one of those things even if I were a file sharer. :disagree:

I just hope that the Government will put a stop to this ideal in a hurry before it gets to far out
of hand or at least monitor it for terrorist activity. :frowning:

[QUOTE=bean55;2554278]Thanks midders

Interesting enough to read, but I can’t see to many intelligent people doing it.[/QUOTE]
So … you’re predicting that it will be extremely popular … just like facebook & myspace.

For the record, :iagree:

But there’s no claiming that someone else was using your unsecured wifi, when the police drop around and find your pirate porn collection after they’ve observed you at the dead drop USB point :stuck_out_tongue:

this is the most unthought and dangerously absurd attempt at providing an alternative for file sharing! I wouldnt use it.

[QUOTE=debro;2554424]So … you’re predicting that it will be extremely popular … just like facebook & myspace.

For the record, :iagree:


Good one debro :smiley:

I don’t think even they would fall for this one :bigsmile:

It’s the glory hole of the digital age…

Too bad they didn’t have a way to infect the users with a virus as well their computers would be a good means of population control get rid of the dumbest of our society.

What is this?

It is a wonderful idea, the unfortunate thing about it is that you do not know what is on the drive. I could have downloaded the movie or music on my computer, then upload something malicious back on it for the next person. Maybe a mail service with passing usb sticks from person to person. They’ll know what it is, but cannot do anything about it because the government cannot tamper with mail. Use their own laws to undo themselves. Maybe “usb parties” congregate at some location if you are a member of a certain group? There are other ways, but I applaud this person for creativity.