Online DVD Rentals


I thought I’d make a thread about online dvd rentals. I’ve been trialling different ones such as lovefilm, blockbuster, dvds365, erental etc. them about 4 months now, And only want to become a paying member of 1. What are your experiences of them and which one has the fastest turnaround time enabling you to rent more dvd’s? I have found blockbuster to be quite fast, But E-rental quite slow. On the other hand E Rental is a bit cheaper.

Also, If anybodys got any promotional codes to give you a free month or some money of a month please put them here. Thanks.

By the way, I’m In UK, so I’m just talking about the UK ones. If you want to talk about US sites please make another thread. Thanks again.

Also check to find the cheapest UK online DVD rental store and to leave your review.

Would be great if someone could change the topic to Online DVD Rentals in UK.
For the US-ppl, there’s already a thread about DVD Rentals, on- and offline here:

when trying to find a new postal dvd online service, i found this site, it was on the bbc
website and they said it was legit so, i spent a while checking out the site and reading
the terms and conditions, it seemed okay, so, i unsubscribed from my current service
and signed up to this, please take some time to check it out and please use my link to
do it. screenselect is a good choice (what i chose):

i recommend screenselect even if you dont take advantage of this nice possible bonus