Online dvd rentals other than the big ones



anyone have any experiences with dvd avenue? or any of the other smaller online video rental places? I wish there was one that just reneted music dvds, and I wish I could even get releases that are exclusive to europe and japan, the tex avery box is out in france but it costs $100.00 from amazon, what A bummer, anyone join the smaller ones and really like the service and selection? just curious.


Damn! Your nick could sure be considered to have shocking sexual connotations … if your mind was that way inclined …

SS care to comment?


I actually didnt like the sound of the nickname a few days after I adopted it, I have no idea what the sexual conontation is, please enlighten me. I may consider changing it. Actually it refers to blank media that has a capacity of 8.5 gb and the fact that I waited till DL DVDR’s existed before I bought a dvd burner. funny thing was, when i first thought I was going to buy a burner, I bought a pack of 4.7gb discs (this was before DL existed) then I put it off, but I had some media sitting in my house for over a year. one day I walked into staples and bought the sony burner listed below, they didnt have any duallayer media in stock at the time and I said "well. I have some to practice on already, so I wont buy any media today anyway…later when I found out how much DL media went for, I was shocked. but I know why they are doing it like that, its to discourage widespread use, imagine how nice it would be to never have to remove anything from your back ups, and not lose quality…