Online dating

My friend met this girl on Friendster and when he saw her in person she was really overweight. She looked cute in her pictures though so my friend was really shocked. Has anyone had any good experiences with online dating. I’m just curious. I’ve tried it before but never got any actual dates from it. Seems like a pretty big waste of time though.

I did, and I’m very pleased with the met I’ve known online :stuck_out_tongue:

You already saw Emmy in person??

Online dates have been very popular in South Korea. Most male:female meetings are though not for sex or dates. Usually just for friendship.

Ah no, I wished :slight_smile: who knows if she wants me :slight_smile:

Met my current B/F in an MSN chat room, and im very glad i did that was in 2002 still together now:)

Well i guess i am up todate I was in this chat room i go in to and we started giving crap to one aother then sended pic’s then when to the movie’s now she is the long’s girl i had going on 8 or 9 mth now :slight_smile:

Well sounds sad but i met my mrs in a chat room :slight_smile: its not exactly like that though it was a room that alot of local colleges used anyway i got chatting to her and she just happened to be at the college half a mile down the road from where i lived anyway i went down there with a m8 and got pissed and ended up hiding in a cupboard from the security, anyway i got caught and asked to leave the premises, luckily for me though that particlaur guard left that week haha and i spent many weeks round there until a different m8 of mine ended up getting arrested for battering a couple of lads down there. ‘those were the days’ :slight_smile:

I met my current girlfriend online, three years ago.

I met my girl online as well. We were just pals, nothing more than that to be honest. Some time later she was on vacation close to where I live (was already planned, so not because of me) and we decided to meet. Well we kinda had a good time… :wink:

That was almost 6 years ago. I guess we were pioneers :wink:

Nope never did it … although there is one person that I’ve met online that I would like to meet in real life. :iagree:

Various dissapointments convinced me every netizen is completely different than its real life version. But who knows where miss right pops up. :slight_smile: