Online crooks exploit WTC disaster

I just posted the article Online crooks exploit WTC disaster.

There are always people that try to make money on bad ways, but there are also people that have no manners at all ! Several people report online scams that are related to the NY disaster of…

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well, you get the point…

Sad to see how low some people are!! Hope they get caught and get some serious jail time because this is not normal its the lowest of the lowest.

OK. Lets gather them all up and put them in an empty building and have a plane crash into it. Sick people that want to profit from others suffering need to suffer the same.

This really makes me sick!

I ran into this piece of spam that was posted like 50 times in a group: Subject: Pissed at the terroist attack? Join our NO CHARGE x-x-x adult site then! 9e18fc36 That’s right! No terrorist can bring down our site! If you are disturbed by the attack on the U.S.A. let some good ol porn ease your mind! Join our site, and have fun! I think these people be shot :frowning:

why should they be shot? that would be behaving in a far worse fashion than even they have stooped to! :frowning:

Shot? LOL. Why those good american citizens sould be shot? They do nothing more than following the rules of the free market- and that’s all US government cares about. Nothing will happen to them as long as they stay competitive and pay their taxes.

Why, you ask pokipike? It’s in extremely bad taste. Many people want to do whatever possible to help, then to take this spirit and go, “Hey, to help, just visit this porn site!” touches a lot of sore nerves. And as for our gov’t only caring about the market, I guess you haven’t watched any tv since tuesday. Otherwise you’d have seen a quite different side to the US gov’t.

You do care about bad taste? Then prepeare yourself for way worse… Visit 51soft (chinese warez site, guess you know it) and you will find an adversisement by “Salvation Army” and redirects to h**p:// I leav you to decide wich crook of the two will have better commercial success. Mr. Bush can’t even go to pee if he doesn’t get the OK from the the multinational companies that elected him. same applies for my country’s govt., European Union and all countries that have adopted the free market Frankenstein.

“Bad taste” isn’t the word for it. It’s much worse. In recent years it has become quite common for liberals to speak of right and wrong being relative. i.e. “what’s right for you might not be right for me” and the like. Clearly our eyes have seen exactly what “wrong” is in NYC so let’s stop being softies. Commercializing a tragedy for materialistic gain is wrong and also evil. Recognize it for what it is and get rid of the sugar coating!