Online consumers willing to pay more for "real" CDs

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A study performed by Jupiter Research shows that a majority of online consumers are willing to pay much more for a CD without copy protection than for a CD with a copy protection:


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This smacks of a new marketing plan whereby we have to pay a premium for non-copy protected CDs. I want non-copy protected CDs at $9.99!

oh please. Go ahead and make a CD that ‘cannot be copied’ and I’ll buy it for 9.99. [chuckle] ‘cannot be copied’ is the music industries term for the software developer industry’s ‘cannot be hacked’ concept. If it can be coded a-b, it can be cracked a-c-b. Good luck! Might as well just let us have what we want… inexpensive, high quality recording played on any system “WE” want without mandate. Its about time the RIAA gives consumers the respect deserved. Jupiter’s stock hasn’t hit higher than 3.50 in the last year, they better buddy up with whoever they can or its time to jump ship. I’m sure the questionaire said "WOuld you like to have a copy protected cd [and no needles in your eye] for $9.99 OR an unprotected CD (and a burning sensation forever between your legs + needles in eye) for $17.99. blah!

HA! $17.99 for a cd they are more likely to find "Elizabeth Smart alive than having consumer…Oops! Perhaps i should rephrase that. Dosen’t having any non copy-protected cd defeat the pupose anyway?:4

i was amazed to find that Killer Mike’s (rolls w/ Outkast) album…MONSTER hit shelves with a $5.99 value…that is incredible…as a upcoming artist myself…i would like to see more cds with that type of dollar amount and without protection schemes…if your music is great and worth the effort then money is not an isssue…remember the word "free"style…music will stay as that 2nd dimension of poetry…dont forget to check out DiRtyCzE representing DeadBroke Recordings in the near future…and you can MP3 my goods!!!

So to try and make pirated cd’s less attractive, they’re gonna put up the price of cd’s… Maybe they hope the pirates will offer a similar copy protected / non-copy protected pricing scheme!!

I’m not willing to pay more for a real CD - I’m willing to pay a lot less for a copy-protected one. And by a lot less I mean somewhere around zero - to reflect their actual value.