OnLine Connectivity

Does anyone out there still use the good old 56k Modem on there desktop PeeCee? :confused:

Well, I still do and on a daily (24hour) basis as its free from tariff costs and I’m not a big hurry to get what I need as I’m usually out busy or whatever (Mmm… LoL) :smiley:
Anywho, I keep getting Disconnected from my iSP which is REALLY annoying as its bad enough being slow, but when you use all the settings you possibly can within Win2k OS to reconnect if the line is dropped and yet it still doesn’t re-dial after sometime (randomly) …its really beginning to P!$$ me oFF! :mad:

I’m sure one of you out there use something to keep you connected, or atleast something that WiLL reconnect for me, using a number I designate.

PLEASE EVERYONE, let me know of ANYTHiNG you think that may help as I’ve been looking around on the WWW for abit and nothing that either WORKS well or is EASY to use, such very low proccessor usage.

Thanks to you ALL in advance! :wink:

Yeah, yeah, laugh all you like, but this system looks, runs & is a KooL machine, but most of all solid! Never need to reboot or kill, Oooo’yeah! :stuck_out_tongue:

Intel PIII 450Mhz
Kingston 2 x 256Mb Ram
US Robotics 56k Modem
60Gb ATA 100 HD
Pioneer 16x DvD
Plextor 16x CDRW
Elsa GForce2 Ultra AGP
Gullimont SoundTheater
Philips ToUCam Pro
Logitech Cordless TrackMan Wheel
32" Sony FD (w/ PC-in)

Windowz 2ooo Pro OS ( w/ Service Pack 1 & 2 )

Connected 2 my much loved Ultra THX home cinema! :cool:

I know youv’e prolly heard this a million times… But is you firmware/drivers up to date? (please don’t shoot me)

Also, I don’t know if you have ever been to this site ( but it has helped me ALOT in the past…

try some of these

Hope these helps.

:slight_smile: Thanks DooD! Don’t worry, the oven door shield that covers your chest, deflects my shot, right in to my own foot!

I have’t ever updated or flashed my US Robotics modem!
Wow, and I really felt I did all I could with my machine!

Thanks for your point and also the URL’z… having a butchers now as I speak/type. :stuck_out_tongue:

:wink: Have a good one and hope I can return the help in future! :wink:

Ahhh one more thing I forgot… Try Advanced Dialer

I use this program religiously…

If you need help registering it, PM me…

See ya

I used to use 602pro to stay connected when I had a 56k dialup connection. I had configured it to reconnect as soon as it dropped the connection from the dialup server.

Heh… I found an outstanding program called Amazing Dialer. It is available here: