Online color test



Here’s a quick test of your ability to distinguish shades of color.

The lower the score, the better, with 0 being a perfect score.

I got 12, which isn’t too bad I think. This may also test your monitor’s ability to reproduce color, so that might be a handicap for those of us using TN monitors.


I got 7, which I think may be ok for my age.:cool:

IPS screen as well, which may have helped.


8 seems to be OK then :smiley:


If you do nothing and click “score test” you get a perfect score.:confused::doh:


:eek: Bummer…I’m legally blind so I can’t take the test :rolleyes:

Course going with Jethro’s method I didn’t do to bad. :bigsmile:


If I do nothing my score is 933 :eek:


Try using Firefox 12 and run no script= perfect score


Not perfect but good enough:
I actually think it should have been perfect .
I helped a friend of mine who was a car painter quite a bit .
He was good at color matching & tried to show me how.
I was never as good at it as him but could usually come close .
The hard part is judging how much the color will change when it dries.