Online CD/DVD pirate busted in United Kingdom

I just posted the article Online CD/DVD pirate busted in United Kingdom.

A so-called warez CD/DVD dealer in Burwell, United Kingdom, is currently being quizzed after an undercover operation to clamp down on CD piracy. The 30-year-old man sold pirated CDs and DVDs on the…

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sounds like he got what he deserved, if you copy and sell, you deserve to go down

You would think in a world rampant with terror, the authorities would have something better to do?

I agree with lamermi, here in the US, we have a sniper on the loose that has killed 10 innocent souls, and injured a 13 year old child, but are they actively searching for him? HELL NO! :frowning: They’re too busy getting lawsuits together against people sharing on kazaa.

I couldn’t agree with c44 more. Let’s get the professionals who’s job it is to focus on media piracy to hunt down that sniper! Yeah… that’s it.

I couldn’t agree with Rez more. Let’s get the professionals who’s job it is to focus on media piracy to hunt down that sniper! Yeah… That’s it.

Good job!! Hang him or shoot him… Life’s not valuable anymore…

I understand that the people are different buy we are tying up too much of the legal system and spending too much money on this shit.

I bet this council “blacksuit” is as happy as a dog with 2 cocks…doesn’t know which one to lick first…(god save us from quasi, wannabe james bonds)…:7

c44: On the same principle, approx 25,000 die a day from hunger related illness… So 10 over a week, or even, ~5000 in the case of wtc/pentagon, is quite insignificant… We could solve this significantly, but we choose not to… ($$ reasons, i guess) Sorry to offend anyone…

yeah, and now that the police haven’t got a stinkin clue about the sniper, they’re looking for links to Al Queda. puh-leese. typical americans.

I think that sniper got pissed off at getting his ass kicked online playing UT 2003 and has gone out for some practice, he could be selling dodgy cds as well so i thinks its a good idea to send the council trading standard officers after him as well !!:+