Online Backup Solution

Off topic somewhat :slight_smile:

Someone over at asked about an online storage solution…I have been using a new one for a couple of months and thought some here might find this interesting…I emailed Diskhero and they offered up a few more codes with an exteded free trial so…have at em if you are looking for such a solution to go along with cd / dvd backup.

I have been looking for a long time for an online backup solution to supplement the backup I do across hard drive’s in my office. I keep everything backed up locally to 2 separate hard drives (plus the source drive ) which has proven pretty effective for me. This is really easy for media backup as well as other data files that don’t change that often. I also have always been interested in an automated solution for more mission critical type stuff like Outlook data, Quicken files etc. I also was interested in finding a deal to store this information off site incase my whole system melted down.

A few months ago, I ran across a press release about a company in California (Digital Outlook) that was heavily involved in web hosting for clients from the banking and credit union industry. The guys who started Digital Outlook were starting a new company called Disk Hero which sounded like what I was looking for. I called them to inquire about when the Disk Hero software was going to be released…how it would work etc. They invited me to participate in their alpha testing, so I have been using the software now for a couple of months now. So far, I have to say I am really impressed. The software (after the first couple of updates) has worked very well, and Disk Hero has been very responsive to requests for enhancements. I also like that it has a very small footprint and uses almost zero cpu cycles. Essentially, you identify directories / files that you want to keep synchronized with the Disk Hero servers and each time you make changes to the files locally, Disk Hero automatically backs up the changes to their servers…very slick. Everything is encrypted to and from the servers etc. For me this seems like the perfect solution to supplement the local backup I do. Especially for data that would be a massive nightmare if I lost it (I don’t include media in this as my originals are my backups if everything implodes). Pricing wise I think the final version is going to cost around $10 per month for 1 GB of storage (you can add more gb’s as you need them) which to me is pretty reasonable considering how automated everything is. For me, the biggest issues were data security at “up time”. The fact that my data is sitting on the same hard drives as Blue Cross Blue Shield’s data made me feel pretty secure. So far, the program has worked flawlessly in keeping the files I selected synced up.

You can get general information about their product at When I signed up, they gave me a special code which included 2 months of free service after it went live (sometime early next month). They placed no restrictions on who I gave it out to…soooo here you go <removed> Smile Keep in mind tho that they are in the last phase of beta testing before letting the masses in so the software is still subject to tweaks / mods. I believe the code is only good for another 50 signups or so…I have already directed quite a few people to them. Anyone else visiting this thread is also free to use the code if you are interested.

Btw…no credit card is needed for the trial signup…just the code above if you want to give it a try. I spent a month looking at the competition in this space and this by far is the best out there imho.

I have been looking for more info on such services - I see many out there - is this one really REAL TIME backups? That would be the best for me as I have multiple systems (office, home and laptop). I need access to files some times for each PC so this would be great.

Thanks for info - tell me because you have used this for a while is it really good for power users (you sound like a power user) and can it be used by someone like me - simple user that just wants his data. Is it easy to use?