Online and legal music coming to Canada

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Our Canadian visitors (we know you are out there!) will soon be able to download their music legally, but of course they will need a fee. The company PressPlay will launch a Canadian version of…

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So let me get this straight. You have to pay $10 a month and what you get then is the ability to choose a music CHANNEL with a certain type of music which you then have to listen to in streaming media. So the quality will suck, you don’t have control of which songs are being played apart from choosing a genre, you don’t get to keep the music and you will not be able to do any work on your computer because that will probably interfere with the data stream. Not only will this service not be able to compete with the sale of cd’s or the (illegal) download of songs, it doesn’t even stand a chance against a normal radio station! No wonder music companies are trying to wipe out internet radio, they want to SELL radio to you! :r

Just a thought. As I understand it, Canadians already pay a premium on recordable media like hard-drives and CD-Rs because they might be used to copy copyrighted material. So would a Canadian-based Napster-like server be legal or illegal?

I believe it would still be illegal. I think (and I’m far from a lawyer here) the only provision that the Hidden Super Fun Tax affords is to be able to legally copy an original store-bought music-only Audio CD (it doesn’t matter who bought it), but the copying must be done by the person who will retain the copy of the CD personally.

I personally think that the idea of this on-line “streaming” media is rather…well…shall I say stupid?? :4 First off the company that wants to start it Sympatico, is a crap company as it is Secondly, why would I “pay” for this music when I could get it from other sources…i.e. Cds, and places such as Kazaa, etc… :+ Thirdly, I agree with oratonastick, the quality would be crappy Lastly, if I wanted to listen to internet radio, I could just use other programs and listen for free, even if it is a radio station… geesh…