Onkyo's Mid-year Product Launch Includes Two THX Home Theater Receivers and Two New HTiB Packaged Systems



UPPER SADDLE RIVER, NJ (7/22/08) – Onkyo USA has introduced two mid-price home theater receivers and two packaged home theater systems, as part of its mid-year new product announcements. Both receivers are THX certified and include the new THX Loudness Plus audio processing technology for improved low-volume-level listening. All of the new models include expanded HDMI connectivity, Faroudja DCDi video processing capabilities, Audyssey room acoustics correction and Dynamic EQ, and Onkyo’s Music Optimizer for improved sound from heavily compressed digital sources.

Link: http://www.gspr.com/onkyo/mid08_line.html.



Yo platinumsword-

Thanks for the update on the Onkyo mid-high end receivers-

Now my 805 is outdated - but I still love it-

It now has well over 100 hours and still running only warm to the touch - this big boy is certainly a ‘keeper’ -eh!!