Onkyo 3 cd changer stuck closed- repair costs? Good replacement?



"I have onkyo compact disc changer C 707CHX. With onkyo Receiver R805X.

I have not had opportunity to use for a few years and just set up again and the 3-disc changer is stuck. Will not open at all. Not clear if any discs are in or all 3 discs. …" This may have been true when I last used it.

I’ve looked at websites for others with same issue…See this is a coomon problem for many of them. Reading the actual service manual and thinking I’m not sure I want to attempt this with the laser beam, et. I don’t take electronic equipment apart.

Cost to repair?
Will it continue to work?

Recommendations for a Good replacement…not necessarily a changer if that is problematic.
And Approximate costs

I also have the Denon CD Recorder.

I have the Bose cube speakers and Acoustimas piece.

Help, please!
Thank you


I am not sure of your local.

You would pay a minimum bench charge for the diagnostic plus the cost of the repair. This is a rough guess, $100 to $150 for the repair maybe more.

Way your costs and see what makes sense to you.

I myself will play CD’s on my Blu-ray Player.