Ongoing Speed Problem



I initially posted my problem on the Newbie forum and got some good advice on DMA. That did not work, so let me try this here please. I have a burner on my secondary slave and and external burner on a USB 2. When I first got DVD Clone I could make a backup in about 80 minutes with all transcoding etc. I see that many users are doing the same in 30 minutes or less. Now with my system being a 1.3g Athlon AMD, with 256 MB DDR and about 170G of open disk space, I am at a loss about why all of a sudden it is taking up to 4 or 5 hours to copy a DVD, and I mean just the main title. I have perused the forums and have seen mention about USB BUS Drivers. Is there a how to that I can go by on replacing those? I went through and removed all extraneous software to include any and all other cd/dvd players. I checked BIOS and everything looks accurate. I am going to see if I can disable any unessential services. Maybe I will also try to put the DVD burner as the master and CD-R as the slave… Any other suggestions. I will likely auger in on a caffeind overdose if I don’ figure this out… Damn the torpedos and all that rot. Unfortuneately, I am not the sole user on this computer… My wife is the one who screws it all up… it’s her fault!!!


Sorry about the rmbling on, but I also unistalled my burner drivers and reinstalled them, and I upgraded the burner firmware on both drives. It seems that my cat was actually puking on my computer and my wife was with the milkman… oh well.


Hey ajomigra, maybe you should give up on DVD burning and also smoking crack and going back to buying the damn DVDs.


Bravo, righto, there is some truth in it…


G’day mate


The only USB DVD burner I have touched was a HP 300e. This model was identified as not-compatible with DVD X Copy. Because of this, I am pretty wary of USB DVD burners…


The big deal and talk (like the sticky posts at the start of this forum) about bus master drivers is due to various programs having incompatibility issues with them. That’s why it’s recommended that you use the default (i.e Microsoft Windows OS IDE drivers) IDE drivers for the OS that you’re using. It would be helpful if you indicate what version of windows you’re using and what chipset your motherboard is using since it’s hard to offer specific help when these things are not known.

Something else you can try using is a diagnostic utility to measure the throughput of your IDE channels (like Clibench or EZDV test from Canopus ) as that will tell a lot about the general well being of you disk controller subsystem.

By the way, all this talk about bus master drivers is talk about the PC’s hard disk controller. Since you mention a USB burner also, that is a totally different subject and methinks it’s better to troubleshoot or verify one section of a computer at a time since all must be optimized in order for you to see a decent performance increase. Yes, taking hours to do what you’re doing is indicative of a major issue with the unit.