Ong Bak the Thai Warrior - Subtitles without [closed captions]


I am trying to rip my Ong Bak DVD to mp4. When its a foreign movie, I like to watch in the original language with subtitles that only show what they say. There are two English subtitle options - English normal and English. When I try English normal, I get the words in English as well as all the descriptive actions like [waitress screaming], [laughing], etc. I’m not deaf, I can tell when a waitress screams or someone is laughing. So I tried the second English subtitle option and absolutely nothing is rendered when people speak. I then tried the first option again but selected “display only forced subtitles” and again go nothing rendered. Does anyone else have this DVD and been able to successfully rip it with just speaking subtitles and not the closed caption BS?


i thought when you have subtitles selected it gives you the hearing impaired captions also. Have you tried to turn that optin off on your DVD player or program you are watching the file on?

usually they have two english subtitle tracks. one with hearing impaired and the other with just spoken words. unfortunately i cant turn off hearing impaired as it renders it directly to the video.

I have 3 DVDs of this movie so could you mention what setting you are using for the mobile and I can give it a try to see what I get as well.