OnFileSelImage Doesn't Work In Nero API v7.2.3.2

I wrote an application that has the option to create a .nrg disc image when the user selects ‘Image Recorder’ from the list of drives. The functionality works on my laptop where I have nero v7.0.0.0 installed, but it doesn’t work on my desktop where I have nero v7.2.3.2 installed. Here are the log entries from the two machines:

Nero v7.0.0.0:
9:50:52 AM - Checking discs
-the user is then prompted with the SaveFileDialog box to enter path to save image-
9:51:30 AM - Writing to disc

Nero v7.2.3.2:
9:33:42 AM - Checking discs
9:33:42 AM - The last detected media was CD-R/RW, DVD R/RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+R DL, BD-R/RE, BD DL, HD DVD-R/RW/RAM, ML Disk, HD DVD-R DL
9:33:42 AM - The current operation requires: CD-R/RW, DVD R/RW, DVD R DL, DVD-RAM

On the machine with Nero v7.2.3.2, the user is never prompted with the SaveFileDialog box.

I haven’t tested the versions inbetween and but I will if I can find the other versions.

In this scenario, it appears that the nero_OnFileSelImage event is broken in nero api v7.2.3.2.

Has anyone else noticed this?