Ones software - best for my NEC3500

Just wanted to call to everyone’s attention a really nice burning program, Ones by tx-software ( This software has been the best that I have found for burning with my NEC3500. It immediately recognizes my drive as well as all of the supported speeds and modes for my media.

They’ve taken the Prassi engine on which RecordNow was/is based and have created a small and simple tool that does everything I need, including images and audio ripping. It may not have the most graphically interesting interface, but it does the job without making coasters.

If you are looking for a new tool, I would add this one to your list.

(BTW, I do not work for them. I just really like their software.)


Looks very similar to Sonic’s RecordNow. BTW, I posted in RecordNow thread that current version of Sonic RecordNow Deluxe is recognising the drive speeds correctly. See my post at for details.

Oh, I think they are quite similar. Feature for feature, Ones is less expensive, less intrusive, and doesn’t call home checking for updates - aspects I appreciate.



Once upon a time there was Prassi Software. It was written by the Prassi Brothers and it was heralded across the land as a lean, mean burning machine that could run circles around The Big Boys like Nero and Easy CD Creator.

Lots of programs used the Prassi engine as the back-end for their burning software & one day the Prassi Brothers sold off the company to Sonic who uses this engine to this day in their RecordNow and other products.

Now the Prassi Brothers are back and this new ONES software is supposed to be the evolution of their earlier Prassi engine. In other words it doesn’t use the same engine as RecordNow, but it re-written from the ground up by the same software team & while it still has a few bugs in it and cannot do everything Nero & others can do they are off to a great start & the program is cheap.

It’s not full-featured enough for me to use it yet, but I’m confident that one day it will be.

Just out of curiosity, what features is it missing, in your opinion?


Yeah, I second that. I think ONES is great and I can’t find anything wrong, or missing, with it. It makes great burns everytime ! :slight_smile:

ONES is way better than nero in dvd burning, IMHO :smiley: