ONES, Nero, and Other Burners

I am archiving data (WAV) files to CD, and my emphasis is on accuracy (low error count) and data longevity. I currently use the Prassi-based ONES program because:

  • it is reputed to be a reliable burner
  • it offers the extra-long filename capability I need
  • it is inexpensive
  • it requires little disc space
  • it shows the burn speed in real time, which is very handy when I’m doing burn-speed testing of various media.
    The one thing that ONES lacks is an option for turning off Plextor’s PoweRec feature, which would be handy when I’m running the above-mentioned burn-speed tests. Also, has anyone found a user guide for ONES?

I hear that Nero offers an option for turning off PoweRec, allowing you to do better burn-speed tests. And I understand further that it allows extra-long filenames, too. I wonder - does it display burn speed in real time, like ONES does?

Additional questions about Nero:

  • Is there a way to purchase just the CD(/DVD)-burning portion of Nero, without all the fancy movie-making and other multimedia modules? Nero seems a bit pricey, and it takes up a good chunk of disc space.
  • Is it still better to buy v6 than v7?

Finally, can anyone suggest other CD-burning software that offers the features I’m looking for (extra-long filenames, disable PoweRec, show burn speed)?

Thanks for your input on any parts of the above.

ps My burner is a Plextor Premium.

“disable PoweRec ps My burner is a Plextor Premium”
Install Plextools form your disc and update from Plextor’s site. Advanced settings un check PowerRec, its on by default.

Thanks for replying, KheSanh.

I have tried disabling PoweRec in Plextools, but it doesn’t seem to be effective. When I go into ONES software and burn my discs, PoweRec still limits the burn speed. When I go back into Plextools, I see that the Disable PoweRec box is unchecked. Apparently, Plextools won’t save that setting. Would it work if I keep Plextools open while I am running my burning software?