Ones Did'nt Seem To Shift Up To X8

I just tryed to burn a iso with Ones at X8 on a verb pastal X8 TY disc, but the speed never shifted up from 3.8X. It said Speed (8.0x) but under that it stayed at 3.8X and it took about the same time as it does when i burn a disc at X4. I then tryed again but with dvd decypter and it went up to 8.0X fine. Started at 6.0X at the very beginning for about 30 secs but then shifted up and jumped between 7.8X and 8.0X. Im guessing this is normal. Anyone know why Ones did’nt seem to shift up ??

I have a Pioneer DVR-109XLC1 Firmware 1.57.

Ones is version 2.0.297

There’s a general Ones thread in here, it was even started by a representative of Prassi who makes Ones, but the rep disappeared over 4 months ago and there’s been no sign of activity or upgrades at their site in over 6 months…begining to look like they have lost all interest in their own product…