OneDrive users hit by Excel file corruption when editing online

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Some OneDrive users are experiencing a bug where Excel files edited through Excel online are becoming corrupt once those files are synced back to the local OneDrive folder, at least in Windows 8.1.

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Quality control is lacking at M$ …

I would rather not use any online editing at all. Cloud services cannot be trusted as offline replacements. At least with Free (as in freedom) programs, you often have the option to use older versions (to avoid bugs), or to make your own version (or to have a version made for you).

Word and Powerpoint files are also affected (not just Excel).

Microsoft has now responded to this issue and says they have it fixed (moving forward).

I’ve given this a quick test and sure enough the offline Excel file no longer goes corrupt when I edit it online.

Existing offline corrupt files do not automatically repair themselves, however, a simple edit to any online file result will result in the corrupt version being replaced by the undamaged online version.

For example, open a damaged file online, type a space at the end of the document (or in a blank Excel cell) and close the browser window, then repeat for any other recently edited files that became corrupt offline. OneDrive will then sync the offline versions and they should no longer be corrupt.

Thanks for the update Tony,

Has anyone found this problem with Onedrive Online Excel? I uploaded a new version of my workbook and all the dropdown list do not work, for example cells d16, d17 and e17. I downloaded this workbook and it works fine in Excel 2010. I tried to upload the original workbook (that worked with the dropdown list) and now the dropdown list do not work.

Any help will be great.

Another good reason I use Stand alone Office 2016 to do my work instead of messing my work more then it is.