One-year upgrade policy for CloneDVD?



Hi – I’m a happy and loyal Elby/SlySoft customer. I use the whole suite.

I’ve been reluctant however, to install recent CloneDVD upgrades, as I’m not sure how “old” my registration key is, and how vigorously the software enforces the “free upgrades for a year policy”.

So: how do I get the most-up-to-date version for my key, without messing up my current installation?




Olli somewhere in this forum announced that they are currently not thinking of charging people after a year. So your key will be valid until they demand an upgrade fee.
As to Clone CD and AnyDVD you should be entitled to free updates without limitation.


You can install the newest version, You should be fine! ! ! !


No problem upgrading CloneDVD and AnyDVD…looks like a lifetime upgrade until the software developers decide to “enforce” the rule.


AnyDVD does have a lifetime upgrade with 1 year of tech support, but CloneDVD has a 1 year upgrade, they have not enforced the 1 year upgrade yet


Thats why I bought them.These paid for themselves in two weeks.


Thanks to all who replied!

  • Dan


Well Dan, I guess I will be the first to say, “Welcome to the Forum” ! ! !

Ask away, and im sure you will be able to help other as they can help you…


That is very nice of them not to enforce the 1-year upgrade policy! I think that alone will bring them Many customers!! Including myself–I will be purchasing the combo pack here shortly…:slight_smile: