One writer makes workable DVDs for my xbox, the other doesn't



I made several movies on my parent’s dvd writer that came with their dell using TDK +R discs and they played fine in my Xbox.

I got myself a Plextor PX-716A and using the same discs they will not play in my xbox. It brings up a screen that reads “xbox does not recognize the disc”. How are the first drives discs different? Are there settings that can be changed to make the discs burned on the plextor Xbox compatible? The Plextor discs work on my computer and on my roommates Pioneer standalone.

If anyone has something to try, I’ll be happy to try it. Thanks.

I am pretty sure the settings I used on clonedvd/anydvd were the same for both drives, and I burned at 4x.


Download DVD Indentifier and check to see if the DVD set to DVD-ROM. If not, then you need to use Plextool to reconfigure the 716 burner.


Thanks, got it.