One week and counting

Well…i’ve never had to plan a baby’s first birthday party…and its been a fews weeks of work already…now this week its the final push…
the Party is on the 5th
and i’ve secured a location and invited over 200 people :wink: hes sooooooo loved…so the majority of them will show up…
i’ve got the decorations…goodie bags and his gifts already bought…

but my problem is…what do i feed these people???
should i do burgers and the fixings…
or barbecue and stuff

or just have it catered and let them worry with it???

i’m kinda anal over details…so i want it perfect he only has one birthday…and i want it to be his best ever!

You do realize he’s not going to remember it? You will though, so make sure it is fun for you as well. Take lots of pics and have someone make a video.

With that many guests showing up catering the party would probably be best. It would certainly mean less stress for you.

Have a good time :slight_smile:

First off, i’m sure it will be an amazing party. Sounds like you’ve put tons of thought into it.
Burgers for 200 people would be a LOT of work for you. If you’re willing to pay them, I’d go with caterers probably. Whatever you decide on, i’m sure it will be his best birthday ever :wink:
By the way…where’s my invitation? :frowning:

ok …its decided…
I’m gonna cater it…my mom said just send her the bill and that she would take care of it!!! whoott!!!

yeah i know Brayden won’t remember it…but there will be pictures for him when he gets older and he will know at least for his first one…he was loved and many people loved him and came just for him :wink:

(this “short term” house situtation has not been defined…i was thinking 30 days or less but…i guess my thinking and the governments is two different things)

as for your invitation …i don’t have your address :wink:

So, what are you going to serve? I’m partial to BBQ (hint, hint). :wink:

Make sure you post a few pics here after the shindig.

do you have an Abner’s close to you…
they have grilled and fried chicken strips that are sooooo delicious…i was thinking maybe some chicken…and some bbq to please everyone :wink:

Yo S_S-

Got my invite yesterday - will see ya in about a week - bringin’ the DW as she finally retired this past Friday-eh!

come on over…! always room for grannie and grampie!!

I thought you knew you could always find me under the sheets :wink:

Wazzy i know where you are…but my dear Kerry isn’t there :wink:

A party can’t be as hard as a birth just take it EZ

lmao CCRomeo…brayden is a foster child i’ve had since Jan…so his uh “birth” was just a piece of paper :wink:

“birth” is birth real or on paper just take it EZ.

i guess thats why i’m stressing now… i had figured oh about maybe 20 or so would actually RSVP…but i’m up to 200 now…and you know they will bring extra people too :wink:
i want everything to be perfect for him and his first birthday…who knows i might be having the rest of them too…that has been mentioned by his case worker

Can I be adopted too! I like to be spoiled. :slight_smile:

Look Harley…theres room for you anytime :wink:

[I]off topic sorry Sexy_Southerner[/I]

I want to take a trip to Blues country but i don’t think it would be that soon. But if i do maybe i could bring him a gift? :flower: Been wanting to do the trip ever since i moved back to Missouri. Then on the way back go to Memphis.

I’d strongly suggest going to BB Kings when he is actually in town playing at his joint on Beale Street …

Isn’t it custom in the US to make a special birtday cake with lots of sugar on it for someone’s first birthday? And why not make it a BYOF (bring your own food) party? Saves you a lot of trouble :slight_smile:

I’m making his cake…the one he will destroy…as for the official cake its an ice cream one which looks like his party invitation