One very high spike in PI/PIF test, Problems?

I burned my disc at 4x speed and tested it with kprobe2. The result looks very good except that one high spike in pi(174) and pif(170). Can that cause reading error(s) in not so good desktop DVD-players or can it stop playing movie? DVD is Platinum 8x and media code CMC MAG E01. There’s 2 movies on this disc.
What can cause that kind of spikes?

Damn! Wasn’t good at all. Or how do you read this kind of result from nero cd-dvd speed? 2nd picture.

Not a very nice result, but the 1X playback in a DVD player should not be affected very much. It ought to play just fine.

Off-topic, but is that language Lithuanian or Finnish by any chance?

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Single spikes like that can be ignored as it probably wouldn’t even show up if you rescanned the disc. I’m more interested in what happened after the 2.0GB mark on the read test…


I rescanned and it still shows up.
I’m interested in that too. KProbe2 test was made at 4x speed and CD-DVD Speed test at max. That’s really odd what happened there after that mark. I really thought my discs are pretty good but this is really strange for me.

Ok, I did new burn at 4x speed. The results looked pretty much same like before. Kprobe and nero cd-dvd speed.

What is wrong? Why that high spike shows up?