One to watch out for



There appear to be fake NEC 2510A’s on sale on eBay, that is if the picture at the end of the link below is anything to go by…

If the picture is of what the guy is selling the product is indeed fake, there appears to be no NEC label, the back of the drive doesn’t look like the photo, and even more telling is the front which appears to have no DVD-9 logo…

Buyers beware, oh yeah and also beware of the prices on eBay, there are folks knocking the drives out for as much as £80 + Carriage. So buy from a reputable retailer for god sake…and save £20+ quid.


The drives on the right seem to be the real deal (3 logos, all bits in right place) not the ones on the left.


Further to this I noticed last night some nutters paying £102 + Carriage for an NEC 2510A, you can go and buy it from an online retailer for £60…someone’s sure raking it in. Perhaps we should buy a few and put them up for sale on eBay…?