One third of files on P2P networks is fake - according to CEO's

I just posted the article One third of files on P2P networks is fake - according to CEO’s.

According to an article on Yahoo, where two CEO’s of internet companies are interviewed, is one third of the files shared on peer to peer networks such as KaZaA and Gnutella fake. The decoy files…

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For Highspeed users, it’s just a matter of testing and selecting another track if the one downloaded isn’t right. I’d recommend that if one downloads a track or file to find it fake, delete it! This way it doesn’t be shared another time for someone else to get spoofed. :slight_smile:

Thankfully, Kazaa has integrity ratings. If people look at this and use it, bad downloads can be avoided. :slight_smile: The record company’s tactics on this makes me sick. :r

…and I thaught that all of these dummy files were being put up by jerks. I`s a good thing 2 know.

There’s one easy way to prevent the problem - get your music from somewhere else. Discover the joys of IRC. :slight_smile:

out of all my friends, I’m the only person who uses usenet to get my goods. I don’t use the p2p networks, hardlly ever, they just suck. and i GUESS for much the reason stated in this article. Funny part is, even though your stuck with whats being posted, there is no waiting, and I usually get 0-day released stuff the day it’s released. IRC is okay, but it sucks also. too many idiots, to mainy queues, and never enough sends. And something lame always happens, like your download speed drops below whatever they set it at so they cancel your download, even though it was just a small snag in the connection. plus irc takes so much time to look around and find everything you want. plus there’s so many different servers, lame. IRC was really cool back in the earlier 90’s when I had a dial up, telnet connection to the UofW (cslip for those who know). But now in days, just takes too much time. but anyways, couldn’t we make a CRC type thinys, that maybe the file sharing program makes of the file on the harddrive before sending it, and if it doesn’t match up with the known good one, then you know not to download it or abort the download. Now I’m not talking about a crc file that can easily be faked, I’m talking about how the program does a check on the fly, and sends the results to the person requesting the file, if it matches with the “good” crc, cool, if not, then the person can download the file at there own risk. does that sound do able?

This is why I promote ShareReactor. Just look for it. :wink:

fakes are not dangerous for people who got a brain. they are intended for idiots. you know, people, who come to forums to report fakes and start whining, “I downloaded Matrix 2 and it was a fake!” of course it was a fake, dumbass, the film is not out yet!

1/3 ? mmm yes that is equal to 1418197Gb worth of files on kazaa now. if they want people to get this files they will use high speed computers and with this so called 1/3 the computers would be huge i very much doubt it. its not a 1/3 more likely 1/300. (only use p2p when either irc or usenet hasnt got it)

People who download fake files will just keep trying until they get the real one.

Quite a few fakes, particularly movies, are actually genuine films of a high standard disguised as something else. I’ve had a few good ones that way, so thank you for sharing that fake, either way I got a good movie. No idea why the shit heads do it, but if it’s the recordsmovies co.s I thank you for sharing something worthwhile. But I’d like to point out that you’re doing something that you say is illegal and are therfore liable to prosecution under your own laws.